Your Lunchtime Read

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Theresa Rose, I am a graduate of Southeastern Oklahoma State University in Durant, OK. Most graduates went to work in this country after graduating school.  I chose to work out of the country and did so for many years.   I am now semi-retired and have time to share with you some of the short stories and serialized books that I wrote to my friends in emails. Your lunchtime read came from the urging of my email friends. They enjoyed my writings and enjoyed having something to read during a downtime. They felt that the short stories and the serialized book gave them something to do that did not reflect the news of the day or having to answer a Facebook page. It was something they could do during a free time in their day, something that gave them a smile or brought a tear to their eye or perhaps gave them pause. The writings are written simply and therefore are quick to read and easy to understand. Just something to relax their minds for a few minutes in an otherwise busy day. 

I ask only that you understand that all work is mine unless I let you know something different. To that end, all work is copyrighted, so please, do not use it unless you get permission from me.

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