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 You found it!  Welcome to Your Lunchtime Read. A spot on the web where you can relax and read a short story while eating lunch or taking a break from a busy day. Click on a book, and read a story that might make you smile. Click on another book and it will give you a moment to pause. Need a book with a cliffhanger? Click on BOOK SERIES and you can read a chapter a week. Designed that way, to help you relax and read a story. A story of a family that started in Ireland and learned by trial and error how to make it in America. Take that moment for yourself and enjoy the lunchtime books.
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Looking for tales of justice and bittersweet endings? Your Lunchtime Read is the writing grounds of Theresa Scott, a longtime writer, and lover of literature. Her Short Stories with a Just Dessert provides a dark comedy spin to everyday situations.